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Our doggie daycare involves not only the young in need of training.  Our senior dogs are a part of everyday socialization


Bean's Senior Care was founded by passion. Passion for The "Unwanteds"... The senior dogs with medical and/or behavioral problems that are thrown out, dumped at shelters, and passed by because they aren't cute, or pretty, or they smell. These seniors will live out the BEST quality of life I can provide for them or until they are placed in homes.  We specialize in homing dogs with human seniors and veterans, but any ideal home will not be turned away.

It’s those special dogs that make us rethink why we put our heart through this...

Those same special dogs are the reason we continue to do this ...

Our heart becomes a little weaker until the next one comes and it explodes and says to you,

We will do this again because they need me.


Our mission is to provide love and a quality of life for senior dogs until their human match comes along or until their last day of breath.


     "Shannon Miller's compassion to Elderly Animals especially dogs is an inspiration to all of us."

Meet our 2 new seniors, August 2019

New dog .jpg

Cherish is 19 years old. She was seized by animal control for neglect. Her fur was so matted that it broke her jaw and nose from the pressure. Her eyes were unable to get air and stay moist so they dried out and collapsed. She is blind because of this. All of what she went through was preventable. She is so sweet and loving even though she has no reason to trust humans. She seems to be healthy and is eating canned food 3 times a day.

Meet Clarence.  He was found as a stray and no one claimed him.  He is about 12 years old and full of cancer.  A volunteer will search for a grant for dogs with cancer.

Meet our two new seniors, July 2019

Dahlia is a 14 year old blind chihuahua mix. I found out about her on social media because she was being given away. I was told "she can't hold her potty" and she "barks alot since she is blind". She was dropped off covered in urine and feces and had not been vaccinated for 12 years! She immediately got a bath to take most of the filth off and was bathed again when I got home.  Since I have her,  she has never had a accident and she barks when she is lost or when she needs to go potty and needs out of her crate. She wags her tail and has learned to navigate around my home pretty decently in the day and a half I have her. I have very high hopes for her future. She got vaccinated the day after I acquired her and she will get boosters in a few weeks. She is such a sweet little girl, I can't understand why someone would throw her away.

Triton is a 13 year old minpin that lost his leg due to a bad fracture.  I acquired him from the Nevada Humane Society in February 2019. He was extremely thin and had just had his leg removed 2 days prior to the adoption. His spunk and personality shines for such a tiny boy of 7 lbs. He is on CBD oil when his phantom pain gets to be too much and special canned senior food since he has no teeth.  

Before and After Photos of dogs in Bean's Senior Care

BeforeAfter Alina.jpg

Alina when she was picked up at HS shelter and now.  Her fur was thin and mangy.  Look at her expression now, full of life and happiness.