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About Shannon Miller, lover of Senior Dogs in Need

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania by the name of Nazareth. My best friend growing up was a dog and I always knew I was supposed to work with animals. I went to veterinary technician school while I worked and I also volunteered at Trexler Game Preserve in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania for about a year-and-a-half and left there to pursue a dream in Fallon, Nevada working with large cats. Tiger touch was a very small Sanctuary that housed about 10 cats that were rescued from abusive situations. In the short time I was with them, I learned many things about myself. I worked at a small vet clinic for a while after moving to Fallon and while working at Tiger Touch.
Dogs are definitely a passion of mine and when I rescued Maggie at a week old and saved her life, I knew I was supposed to rescue. Maggie, my first dog rescue, was a few years old when I decided to open up a Doggy Daycare in 2008. In a few short years, I had gone from two rescue dogs to 10 rescue dogs. Bean was my second senior foster, but he was extremely high maintenance. He was emaciated and near death when he was brought to me at 10 years old, he lived till he was almost 17 years old. In the meantime, I would periodically have someone bring me a senior dog in need.  I would see an elder dog at the shelter and bring him or her home. I realized quickly that my passion was and is saving senior dogs and giving them the best life possible for the rest of whatever time they had left. If I didn't care for these beautiful old souls, who would?  They deserve a happy life at the end of their days and I am the person to provide such care! Recently I started taking in medical dogs also, it doesn't matter their age, I will take them in if they need help. They all deserve the chance at a better life

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