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Costs for Senior Dog Care:

Here is a list of costs for some of our senior dogs:

Medications and food for Seniors


Iris needs a total hip replacement. It will cost

$8,000 to get that done and she is on pain meds.

She is only 2 and I am hoping she can be adopted out

after her surgery.


Tigran has extremely bad knees and is on 2 different

kinds of pain meds. He is also allergic to anything

with preservatives and so he is on Farmer's Dog food





Greta has Cushing's Disease, arthritis, and 

a thyroid deficiency. She is on 5 different meds

2 times a day.








Daniel has a heart murmur and he is on 2 different

heart meds.





Bojangles is almost 16. He has arthritis and is on

2 different pain meds.








Seniors also need dentals periodically to keep them healthy.  Vaccinations are not included in this monthly cost.  Canine influenza is also given to dogs because they participate in my doggie daycare.  

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