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Bean's Senior Care believes every senior dog deserves a quality of life until the very end! As man's best friend, they deserve nothing than a loving heart and caring hands.  Currently, Bean's Senior Care provides love, comfort, socialization, quality food and veterinary care for numerous senior dogs.  At home, they reside on five acres in a rural town of Fallon, Nevada.  Each day the dogs perform a morning routine and prepare for another day working with other community dogs in Maggie's Doggie Daycare.  Young pups are learning manners while senior dogs are cared for by the owner of the doggie daycare. Shannon Miller is a blessing not only to our senior dogs but to our community.  No dog is turned away, and training is provided during daycare for any dog.  Her heart and soul is poured into every dog in need.  

She can use your help, however.  While still keeping doggie daycare costs down for customers,  not only senior dogs but every dog in need at any age is fed well, socialized and trained.  Every dog in daycare must meet be properly vaccinated.  Shannon's focus to give every dog the care and love it deserves no matter the economic status of the family.  

Please visit our photos of Present Senior Dogs below and sponsor a dog today! One third of Shannon's pack are seniors, so approximately 10.  Below you will see only the ones she seeks your financial help. You may not have time to help in your busy schedule to care for our old canines, but your financial support ensures that they all have their needs met.  Tell us which dog you are sponsoring and if you want your funding to cover vet costs, medication or food.  Every penny counts!  Without your support, more senior dogs may be kept in cold shelters instead of enjoying love, interaction, and quality of life. You can revisit the dogs in need HERE.

Our Current Seniors
Sabrina was at a shelter hours away. She is approximately 12 years old and thankfully has no known health issues other than arthritis which she is on medicine for.
Journey was taken to a shelter in horrendous condition. He is approximately 5 years old, but because he is in such poor health, I have taken him in under Bean's. He has many long term physical ailments from nutritional deficiencies. He has been on a journey and still has a long journey ahead of him.
Paix was one of my fosters a few years ago. He is now 11 years old and with me because his elderly owner is no longer able to care for him.
Dot aka Dorothy
Dot is 16 years old. She was taken to the shelter by family when her owner died. She came in with Blanche and Rose
Blanche is 13 years old and was given up by family when her owner passed away. She came in with Dorothy and Rose
We aren't sure how old Marigold is. She was dropped off at our local pound in March 2020. We think anywhere from 10-12 years old. She is the funniest girl, she talks and dances, and her tongue never seems to stay in her mouth no matter how hard she tries. She makes me laugh constantly.
Rose is 16 years old and was taken to the shelter by family when her owner died. She came in with Dorothy and Blanche
Neptune is 13 years old. His owner passed away so he has trouble warming up. He is very sweet once he does and he loves to play. He was taken in November 2019
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How Do I Sponsor?

Pick which dog you are interested in helping.  You can donate a dollar a month or more!  Every penny counts.  Some of the dogs are on the same food, need vaccinations at the same time and are on the same medicine.  However, some of the dogs have special needs.  If you want your donation to go to food, vet care or anything the senior needs, just let Shannon know.  She is dedicated to your wishes helping the dogs.  To Sponsor a Dog, click on the donation button.  Put in the memo which dog you are supporting and what you want your funds to go towards.  For those who make donations of $20 a month or more, a tax-deductible receipt will be provided.  While all donations are appreciated, due to the number of seniors and other dogs cared for, time must be prioritized. Those who donate larger amounts are able to obtain an appreciable tax donation amount to write off in their taxes.  

Before I donate, I have a few questions...

Where do the senior dogs come from?

The old dogs are found at shelters and the Humane Society.  Shannon drives or calls the facilities to find out what seniors are in their care and are not able to find a home due to a lack of interest in those dogs from the community.  Not many people want a dog that looks scared in a shelter, sitting in poop, blind or have any other condition that makes them"high maintenance" or "costly" to own.  Those are the dogs typically found in Shannon's care.  She seeks for those "unwanteds" that still deserve love and care and that still have a zest for life!


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