Black Dog

It Takes a Unique Person to Adopt a Senior

Our dogs are rescued from the Humane Society and other local shelters. We provide vet care and meet their special needs until they find their new home.  We have successfully placed senior dogs with senior humans.

If you are interested in any of the dogs we have posted on our website, please reach out to me directly at  I will get back to you usually in 48 hours.  We have an adoption application and a process to ensure it's a good fit for both of you.

What is it like to have a senior dog?

  • First, you receive unconditional love!  

  • They love to be held and spoken to

  • They listen and when your upset and crying, they are there for you

  • Companionship with your dog is beneficial to both

  • To care for an older dog gives you purpose in life

  • They love to be spoiled 

  • They are already potty trained

  • They do not chew on items in the house; no puppy stage

  • They enjoy sitting in your lap or they are always by your side

  • Watching them get older helps you to appreciate the little things in life


Chelsea is 12 years old. She has an old knee injury that can sometimes give her trouble, but she doesn't know she is that old. She will tell you loud and clear she hates cats, but other than that, is the sweetest girl and loves her snuggles


Bojangles is 12 years old and is goofy and derpy and makes me laugh. He was a foster who was returned after 3 years. I got him back January 2020.