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Testimonials for Dogs in Shannon's care

I have been a client of Ms. Shanna's for 3 years now. I came to her with a wild puppy, Crowley, and no clue what to do to stop the total destruction of my house. She did wonders with training him and keeping him busy. Over the years she has always been there to help me, through both of my dogs getting K-9 influenza, helping me through other illnesses and anything else I needed along the way with Crowley. She has helped bring out his wonderful personality. She loves all the dogs in her care and does the best she is able with each and everyone of them. I recommend her to everyone with a dog no matter the age. Crowley and I both absolutely LOVE her. Amanda A. 3year Client and counting

Mildred"s ride


"Shannon's desire to help with Senior Dogs knowing that most of them have special needs and could take a big bite out of her pocket book does not even come into the equation"

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